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Indestructible Beginnings offers corporate and international business etiquette programs for professionals and basic in depth training for children, teens and young adults.  Our seminars are designed to teach our clients how to excel in our multicultural society, both personally and professionally.  This is accomplished  by exhibiting respect for others, and enhancing one's own self-confidence, and self-esteem.


When Judge Clarease Yates spoke to the Dwight D. and Sheryl H. Howard Foundation "Girlz Rule" Basketball camp during Spring Break, all of the young ladies stopped, looked, and listened. Most if not all of these tweens and teens come from underserved communities, broken or single parent homes so Judge Yates personal "Testimony of Triumph" spoke to them. She gave the campers a sense of hope and determination from her personal story and accomplishments. Her motivational speech will provide limitless opportunities for the young ladies if they work hard and get a good education.

~ Rebecca Briscoe, National Entertainment Reporter, Houston Style Magazine

It was an honor and pleasure to have Mrs. Clarease Rankin Yates facilitate the first workshop of True Fellowship Baptist Church's inaugural scholarship program. The guidance from her book and encouragement she provided to our high school student participants regarding common courtesy and self-image were invaluable tools that the young men and ladies will be able to take with them through every stage of life. We look forward to inviting Mrs. Rankin Yates to participate in our scholarship program in the future. It was a pleasure to work with her.


~ Beaux & Belles Scholarship Ball Comittee, True Fellowship Baptist Church, Katy, TX

Judge Clarease Rankin Yates was down to earth, approachable and unpretentious.  She delivered sessions that were engaging, informative and incredibly relatable.  The students enjoyed participating in the “Good Manners” role playing segment the most. She covered “Basic Table Manners,” “The Power of the Tongue – You Reap What You Speak,” and “How to Use a Vision Board.”  Judge Clarease Rankin Yates provided sessions that inspired our students to strive to be the best they can be personally and professionally.  She gave all of our students the tools they need to prepare themselves for “first impression” meetings and to feel confident at formal occasions."

~ Jack and Jill - Pearland

“Indestructible Beginnings" is a resource that every parent and organization should employ. Judge Clarease Rankin Yates delivered powerful presentations that excited our students.  The session that was particularly captivating was on "Self-Image" and "Self-Confidence." She clearly yet tactfully taught the students how to represent themselves in a positive manner and how self-representation translates into "belief" and ultimately personal success. Great job! Wonderful material!

~ Families Under Urban and Social Attack

"The diverse student base of Houston Community College (HCC) is one that benefits from multiple sources. Indestructible Beginnings captivated our lively and diverse student population in a way that left a positive indelible effect on their self-esteem! The sessions were succinct yet packed with information that kept the students engaged and intrigued. Our students appreciated the direct conversations that are designed to help them achieve their goals. Judge Clarease Rankin Yates is an incredible example of achievement and her delivery bridges an informational gap that is often overlooked but necessary to breach. Exceptional and terrific!"

~ Houston Community College

“The Vince Young Camp” is completely impressed with the offerings of Indestructible Beginnings. The sessions taught by Judge Clarease Rankin Yates were an integral part of the success of the “Camp” and our Campers were more than delighted by the information and instruction they received.  Judge Rankin Yates is an approachable speaker whose message reached both boys and girls and is one of positive hope. Thank you!"

~ Vince Young Camp Dwight Howard, Senior

    Diane Miles/The Drexel Society – Houston Chapter

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